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7:36 min

Screening at  Gallery Zero Arts e.V. | Stuttgart/Germany 2009


Children in darkness,
a pitchblack room in which they try to find answers
—who is God or what?
Let God be ... dispersed sounds tickle your senses,
a revolving body of light, elements, fire and water,
a hint towards creation and disaster...
and then enter:
Goya — adding final touches to his nightmares ...

Delacroix — putting up barricades to expose freedom...
Christ — running in circles, trying to make sense ...
Hamlet — pulling a gun...
Marat — dying, no dreams left...
It's a goose-step walk through the times,

surrounded by the incessant
howls of the present.
God got lost... and still there's the question!

+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +

ABOUT KLAUS FABRICIUS: Born 1956, in Paderborn, Germany. He is involved in theories about the philosophy of paintings and how the world of pictures affects the world as a whole. Exhibitions since 1986. Lives in Stuttgart.  more