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  Video by Cable Television Systems in Manhattan New York | 2004 | 58 min
Broadcast and web streaming of program in series
GUEST: CLAYTON PATTERSON, Artist / Documentarian
TUESDAY APRIL 13, 2004, 9:30 AM - to 10:30 AM / New York City Time
Channel 34 of the Time/Warner & Channel, 107 of the RCN
Cable Television Systems in Manhattan, New York

ABOUT HAROLD CHANNER: Television Producer & Conversationalist: Approximately 2,700 in depth Conversations have been videotaped and aired in the "Conversations with Harold Hudson Channer" public access cable television series which was initiated in 1973.  Responsibilities have included all aspects of administration, including: Preliminary research to identify potential guest(s) – Contact and invite potential guest(s) to participate – Intensive research after invitation has been accepted – In studio or location videotaping of conversation – Post production editing and graphics enhancement of program – Negotiate and assure televising of conversations programs – Maintain appropriate continuing correspondence with guest(s). Guests have included a wide variety of leading figures from the business, governmental, academic and intellectual communities. | FORMER ACTIVITY: UNIVERSITY PROFESSOR OF GEOGRAPHY, New York State University, New Paltz, New York 1968-71, California State University, Long Beach, California 1967-68, Utah State University, Logan Utah, 1966-67, Wayne State University, Detroit Michigan, 1965-66, Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville, Illinois 1963-64 | EDUCATION: Ph.D. (ABD) degree. Political and Economic Geography - Indiana University. Bloomington Indiana 1963, Master of Arts degree. Physical and Historical Geography - Wayne State University, Detroit, Michigan - 1961, Bachelor of Arts degree. History and Geography, Wayne State University, Detroit Michigan 1959.  see more