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NOW OR NEVER — trailer 2:30 min

Directed by Miron Zownir | 35 mm b&w | 14 min | Germany 1996

PLOT: Cynical Gangster Persiflage with  Harry Hass as actor

MIRON ZOWNIR, born 1953 in Karlsruhe/Germany, moved to Berlin in 1974 and then went to USA in 1980, where he spent 15 years in New York, Los Angeles and Pittsburgh as a freelance photographer, scriptwriter and filmmaker directing more than ten short films. During his time in America he collaborated among others with Alexandre Rockwell "In the soup, 4 Rooms", Ryu Murakami "Tokyo Decadence, Almost transparent Blue". He returned to Berlin in 1995 after a 3 month stay in Moscow and St. Petersburg documenting the rapid and brutal decline of the former Soviet Union. His recent publication is his first novel "Kein schlichter Abgang — Not an easy way out". Lives in Berlin.  more