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DAVID BROWN: Herbert Brown discusses
the genesis of his Multimedia Television Art
Interview with the artist by David Brown | 2007 | 8:38 min

ABOUT HERB BROWN: Born in 1923, in Lynn, Massachusetts. He studied art in Max Beckmann's class in New York from 1949 to 1952.|He was in group and one man shows in the March-exhibitions in the Tenth Street and in Gertrude Stein's NO!art gallery with over painted subway advertisement posters. His atelier burned down in 1966 and he lost about 900 works. Since 1970 involved in scenic design. Passed away on Thanksgiving night (11/24/11) at the age of 88. more

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PART 1 : The Erotic Paintings 0:37 min
Pop Artist Herb Brown talks about his series of work "The Erotic Paintings".

PART 2 : On Art Education 0:32 min
1960s New York Pop Artist Herb Brown discusses his art education.

PART 3 : Mom's Idea of Success 0:30 min
1960s New York pop artist Herb Brown speaks about different views of success.

PART 4: A Fear of Success 0:52 min
1960s New York pop artist Herb Brown discusses his fear of success in the art world.
Hear Herb recall the tales of censorship in the 1960s art world.

PART 5 : The Cop Story 0:41 min
Pop artist Herb Brown lying in bed in his NYC loft when woken up at police gunpoint.

PART 6 : Happy Holidays from Herb Brown and BLT Gallery 0:43 min
Herb's Christmas story.

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