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La Belle et la Bête— Fairytale from the Countries
Paralasse Project with Silvia Gamagi | 2011 | 5:09 mins

Parallasse is a female art duo, composed by Federica De Ruvo and Silvia Camagni. They met in the 2007 at Academy of fine arts in Bologna. They formed "Parallasse" in 2010, for create with videos and photos sadic fairytailes, some kind of pillow talks, that speaks of gender identity, sexuality, masturbation. They want to describe the shaky human bodies conditions, the suppression of desire.
"Parallasse" works like storytellers do. They analyze everyday aspects with different eyes, to rename each pieces who compose that. Sometimes an empty cottage, become a dwarfs house; sometimes in the videos appears monsters, witches, fairy rabbit, lesbian inseminations. Everything is blending with the reality elements. The conditions of Narcolepsy and R.E.M phase, are an inspiration for the post-production. more

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ABOUT FREDERICA DE RUVO, born 1981 in Teramo/Italy. She studied sculpture design at Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna/Italy where she learnt to transform her rebellious character into creative acts. After that she moved to Strasbourg/France for a scholarship, and finished an illustration course at École Superieure d'Art Décoratifs. Here creative efforts are concentrated on the expression of herself as human instinctual and thinking being. She presently lives and works in Saint-Étienne/France. more

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