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A Paralasse Project with Silvia Gamagi | 2011 | 4:53 mins

PLOT: "Un cadeau pour toi", it's a travel that bring us to discover a scary and grown-up themselves ,who crush everything we do. It's important analyze the world like individual human beings,to surface own bodies, to mark out our constructives streets.

Once upon a time — in a dream or in a secret land — something happened between two human beings. They want to discover the border of knowledge between soul and body. It's so difficult communicate truly and deeply with anyone. Lies, crisis, revenges. Maybe however you try to escape from this, the only way to confront yourself with the reality is look the situation from another point of view, much higher. Look all around you with eyes closed. only your mind go on. The journey is start. In the end every judgments will sweep away . The truth, in the silence appears. And that silence, that silence where you can start your own journey to knowledge is the gift for you.

The video is divided in 4 chapters: The call, The journey, "6hkl°*" (that means the violent and instant discovery who marked us at first), and at least , the end of communications.

The video's structure is like a dream. The vision remain a constant R.E.M condition. That phase shows fears, desires, what we hide. It's not important to dechiper rationally, because it is demystify. The unconscious journey seems like an odyssey; the instinct resurface. The videos are nothing more nor less that records of actions and daily activities; is in fact just in everyday life, one that captures the eye and then turn into mental projection into the dreams. Do not be distracted.

An "ensamble" of images-symbols,"Exquisite Corpse". The viewer is stunned by the cruel fairytale told in no uncertain terms and in transparency. Further suggestions are made by audio created specifically for the images and mixed with the ambient sound of the clips themselves. more

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ABOUT FREDERICA DE RUVO, born 1981 in Teramo/Italy. She studied sculpture design at Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna/Italy where she learnt to transform her rebellious character into creative acts. After that she moved to Strasbourg/France for a scholarship, and finished an illustration course at École Superieure d'Art Décoratifs. Here creative efforts are concentrated on the expression of herself as human instinctual and thinking being. She presently lives and works in Saint-Étienne/France. more

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