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A!statement: Gertrude, stop doing it | 30:20 mins
Silvia Kastel: Electric Piano | Kommisar Hjuler: Voice | Mama Baer: Voice and Piano
Cafe OTO | 18-22 Ashwin St | Dalston | London E8 3DL | 15. April 2011

PLOT: A statement for the NO!art Movement! The Boris Lurie Art Foundation has put a trade mark right on the term NO!art, a fact that never could have been the will of Boris Lurie, and now the leaders of the NO!art, Dietmar Kirves and Clayton Patterson, are in conflict with the Boris Lurie Art Foundation. The Foundation asks the leaders of the NO!art, to whom was given leadership by Boris Lurie, to stop the NO!art. Detailed Information is at the website of the NO!art Movement. more

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ABOUT DETLEV HJULER AND MAMA BAER: Detlev Hjuler—also referred to as Kommissar Hjuler—born 1967 and Mama Baer born 1981 having worked as musicians in their very experimental vein for a number of years. Afterwards they increasingly turned to the creation of sculptures and paintings. Given their strange music, one might have expected them to be have been artists from the start. But they only began regarding themselves as artists in summer 2006, which marked a turning point in their career: their output of paintings and sculptures began to rise. Mama Baer now is supported by WOMENSRADIO, Oakland/CA, U.S.A., presenting her music for several radio transmissions and some tracks as mp3-files on their website. They are based in Flensburg/Germany. more

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