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DIETMAR KIRVES: Reportage Cuts
Duesseldorf 1968 | 16 mm b/w | colored by Volksvideo, Kassel 1984
trailer 10:03 min

PLOT: Composition with thrown away film material which was produced in the Fifties for news reels in Germany. The cut sequence brings face to face different motion sequences as christens, church breakdown, fire stormings, earthquakes, doom, fun, war, carneval, brawls, concentration camps, benedictions, tornados, rebellions, inaugurations, prisons, survivals, sports, pleasures, advertisements, fightings, mountains, sun rises, ... The background sound consists of different manipulated human masturbation noises.

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ABOUT DIETMAR KIRVES: He was born 1941 in Fürstenwalde/Spree, Germany. Since 1964 mixed media works with film, photos, music, sculptures and environments. Founded 1970 the mediacontact agency in Düsseldorf in collaboration with Jochen Gerz and Terry Fox. Worked with Joseph Beuys, Kraftwerk and Creamcheese events in Duesseldorf. Quitted 1975 the traditional art scene and moved to Wall City Berlin. First meeting with Boris Lurie in 1978 for pushing NO!art movement to stronger development. Works since 1999 at the world wide web for continuation the NO!art. Leads the NO!art headquarters east in Berlin together with Clayton Patterson at the NO!art headquarters west in New York. – Lives and works in Berlin-Kreuzberg. more

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