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S/W-Film | 60 min | German | english subtitles
slowboat films | Trailer 1:12 min
Premiere: Friday, June 15, 2007 # 21.15 h
Kino Central | Berlin | Rosenthaler Str. 39

PLOT: Radical Man, a documentary about one of the most censored photographers, filmmakers and writers of our time. Zownir has achieved cult status and notoriety through his photographs, films and literature depicting sexual and cultural outcasts in Berlin, N. America and in the former Soviet Union. His portrayals are harsh, brutal, at times pornographic, yet full of dignity. Zownir not only portrays outcasts he has also always lived with his subjects and therefore his work reaches an intimacy unknown to most artists depicting outlawed subjects. Thematically the film deals with Zownir’s childhood in post WW II Germany, the rise of the punk movement in London and Berlin in the late 70’s, the rise and fall of the sexual revolution of the early 80’s in NYC, the social decline of the Former Soviet Union and Zownir’s hair raising accounts of outcasts and mavericks of every colour.

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ABOUT MIRON ZOWNIR: Born 1953 in Karlsruhe/Germany, moved to Berlin in 1974 and then went to USA in 1980, where he spent 15 years in New York, Los Angeles and Pittsburgh as a freelance photographer, scriptwriter and filmmaker directing more than ten short films. During his time in America he collaborated among others with Alexandre Rockwell "In the soup, 4 Rooms", Ryu Murakami "Tokyo Decadence, Almost transparent Blue". He returned to Berlin in 1995 after a 3 month stay in Moscow and St. Petersburg documenting the rapid and brutal decline of the former Soviet Union. His recent publication is his first novel "Kein schlichter Abgang — Not an easy way out". Lives in Berlin. more

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ABOUT M.A. LITTLER: Born July 6, 1979 in Frankfurt am Main as Marc Alexander Littler. He is a German-South African film director, film producer and writer. As a filmmaker, M.A. Littler stands in the tradition of independent and auteur films. He is known for his uncompromising aesthetic and cinematic portrayal of underground art, radical politics and maladjusted characters. more

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