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Naomi Tereza Salmon: BORIS LURIE: New York - Buchenwald

Dokumentation | Weimar-New York 2003 | 58 min

PLOT: The life and work of Boris Lurie creates a radical, brusque, and at the same time a poetic cosmos. In New York where Lurie lives within his collages, the experience of the Nazi concentration camps seeps through everything. Apartment studio and laboratory all reflect a very personal artistic view of the past which surrounds him in the present.

After meeting the artist Naomi Tereza Salmon (who lives and works in Germany), at Buchenwald during the retrospective exhibition of his works in 1998/99, he gave her permission to document his apartment, studio and storage space. A dialogue developed, covering a range of issues, mainly about the past, about living in New York, about the Palestinian issue, including discussions on Stalin and capitalism.

The film is a result of this encounter, laconically trying to capture the authentic situation, and was made as a low budget project. Considering the fact that Lurie is the founder of the No!art movement, the making of the film is inspired by its manifest, which presents an opposition to american mass culture and to the commercalizing process of art, putting in question the scene of mainstream and pop art, creating a genuine ideological and fundamental aesthetic approach of its own.

The music, which was composed specifically for this purpose by the German music and internet performer Jan Brüggemeier (pingfm – internet radio broadcasting), serves as an adhesive as well as an interpretative component. An examination of the metaphysical space, focusing on the encounter between the two artists and the experiences of each of them with their immediate surrounding takes place. The film offers no answers but presents the questions which arise in it in a clear way for the viewer to reflect on them.

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ÜBER NAOMI TEREZA SALMON: Geboren 1965 in Jerusalem. 1986-88 Studium der Fotografie am Hadassa College in Jerusalem. 1990 Arbeitsstipendium der America-Israel Culture Foundation. 1991 Arbeitsaufenthalt in Berlin. 2001 nahm sie am Moving workshop Non-Silk Way durch Kazachstan teil. 2002 folgte ein Arbeitsstipendium für Bildende Kunst des Thüringer Ministeriums für Wissenschaft, Forschung und Kunst. 2003/04 war sie Gast-Dozentin an der Fakultät Gestaltung der Bauhaus Universität in Weimar. Salmon arbeitet als freischaffende Kuratorin sowie als Beiratsmitglied und Co-Moderatorin für den unabhängigen Lokalsender Radio Lotte. Seit 2003 ist sie Mitglied der Raste Gruppe, einem Projekt für elektronische Musik und Audiokunst in Weimar. Sensible Fotografien und Rauminstallationen gepaart mit Videos sind ihr kritisches Arbeitsfeld. Ihre Sehnsucht ist das Dort im Hier. Lebt in Weimar. mehr

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