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Poetrylog | New York | 24. Juni 2007 | 5:48 min

Aleksey Dayen reads six poems: "Maxim," "Snow," "March," "Broken Lives," "For N. C.," and "Saturday Morning In Midtown." Weekly videos of original poetry readings by the poets. These productions are created by Michael Mart and George Wallace.

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ABOUT ALEKSEY DAYEN: He is a Russian-American poet and novelist, publicist, translator, artist. He was born and raised in the USSR and immigrated to New York in 1994. His works have been published in anthologies and leading periodicals worldwide. He works as an editor-in-chief of the Member's Magazine, a literary review, and as co-editor of five non-conformist journals in Russia. He is writing in both Russian and English. In 2004, he was awarded the David Burliuk Prize for international poetry achievement. A member of the Academy of Russian Poetry founded by Josef Brodsky, he works as a freelance translator and interpreter for various projects worldwide. Died at the age of 38 in New York 2010. more

ABOUT POETRY LOG: Poetrylog.com is a weekly video of original poetry read by the poet. The videos run for not more than about five minutes, many less. Each featured poet's video remains on the site in the archive section, to be viewed at will. You never miss an opportunity to view all the poets. Poets appearing on the site offer a variety of styles and subjects. Each week is unlike the last. Enjoy.

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