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Metro Moscow 4/7/1998 | Last Car of Circle Line
Trailer 15:32 min

PLOT: In the middle of the last car of the metro I sit down cross with the long "tail" of 26 colars the gangway of the waggon. The whole figur is framed by fluorescent yellow tape. Every fifteen minutes I stand pu and collect the litter in the waggon and tape it into the tape frame on the floor. After two hours performance I tape the entrance area in two inch distance, with fluorescent tape. The car becomes more and more empty. The conecting window to the next car is like the first seats in the theatre totally talken by spectators. The metro security service finishes the performance, takes off the tape, but doesn't touch the artist.

MATERIAL: fluorescent yellow gaffertape (2 inch), coats, cutter
PHOTOGRAPHER: Karin Desmarowitz

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ABOUT BIRGIT RAMSAUER: Born 1962 in Germany. She works with various media [installation, video, photography] but she sees herself primarily as a performance artist, who not only aligns her own body and personality with different social environments, but also deliberately leaves behind visible traces. In the tradition of American and German Performance Art, she interferes with external contexts and marks the random remnants that other people unknowingly leave behind. Since 1992 she has been based in Berlin while travelling extensively to shows her work, lecture and teach at various art schools and universities both in Europe and the USA.—Lives and works in Berlin and New York.  more

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