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Heterotopien DNA Gallery | Potsdamer Platz | Berlin
April 4, 2004 | Trailer 7:57 mins

PLOT: In 2004 the fifteens anniversary of the wall coming down is taking place. All 40 stones of my performance piled up together are as hight as the Berlin wall was. I walk the wall by picking up the stones in the back and adding it to the front again. A wall is seperating, is cutting, is a capitulation without a dialog, an understanding, it is a barrier, a barricade, it hides…. My wall gives up the static cold, the frozen status, ît is moving, I walk it like a dog all the way along the former wll line. This symbolic piece of architecture is moving along a historic part of Berlin and is present again for a moment – 15 years after the wall was coming down.

MATERIAL: fluorescent street worker suit, fluorescent warning triangle, white sandy limestones
DOCUMENTATION: Ernst Reifgerst [Video] + Karin Desmarowitz [Photo]

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ABOUT BIRGIT RAMSAUER: Born 1962 in Germany. She works with various media [installation, video, photography] but she sees herself primarily as a performance artist, who not only aligns her own body and personality with different social environments, but also deliberately leaves behind visible traces. In the tradition of American and German Performance Art, she interferes with external contexts and marks the random remnants that other people unknowingly leave behind. Since 1992 she has been based in Berlin while travelling extensively to shows her work, lecture and teach at various art schools and universities both in Europe and the USA.—Lives and works in Berlin and New York.  more

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