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An acoustic axis | At different places in Nuremberg 2008
Trailer 5:07 min

PLOT: In a vertical musical and acoustic movement, the composer Heinrich Hartl and the artist Birgit Ramsauer rediscover sound spaces of the city of Nuremberg. The blind composer Heinrich Hartl seeks out the places in his hometown of Nuremberg with her that have outstanding significance for him as a composer. In a confluence with spaces, he has found a musical-acoustic specific expression for each space. From the depths of the underground vaults along the old canal, to the art bunker, to the instrument collection of the Germanic National Museum, they rise to the top of the Lorenzkirche.

CAMERA & CUT: Birgit Ramsauer | SOUND: Heinrich Hartl
ACTOR: Heinrich Hartl

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ABOUT BIRGIT RAMSAUER: Born 1962 in Germany. She works with various media [installation, video, photography] but she sees herself primarily as a performance artist, who not only aligns her own body and personality with different social environments, but also deliberately leaves behind visible traces. In the tradition of American and German Performance Art, she interferes with external contexts and marks the random remnants that other people unknowingly leave behind. Since 1992 she has been based in Berlin while travelling extensively to shows her work, lecture and teach at various art schools and universities both in Europe and the USA.—Lives and works in Berlin and New York.  more

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