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My visit to Boris Lurie in Manhattan
April 2002 | Video 81 min in German

Shot on Mini DV in Boris Lurie's apartment, 48 E 66th Street and in his
his studio, 543 E 6th Street between April 8 and 16, 2002.
Camera: Matthias Reichelt | Editing: Mike Schlömer | 81 min

PLOT: Since the beginning of my friendship with Boris Lurie, which developed during the collaboration for the NGBK exhibitions NO!art and Boris Lurie and the NO!art (Haus am Kleistpark) in Berlin in 1995, I visited him once a year in Manhattan. In 2002 I had the idea to document Lurie's extraordinary circumstances and conversations with him about his life and art with a video camera.

With this almost 6-hour material I was able to gain Reinhild Dettmer-Finke's interest in Boris Lurie and his art. The result was Shoah and Pin-ups. The NO!artist Boris Lurie (2006/7) in collaboration with me.

On the occasion of the exhibition No Compromise! The Art of Boris Lurie at the Jewish Museum Berlin, 2016, Lurie's narratives for this film were edited from my material

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