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Video | 2011 | 3:58 min

Infected Vein
I'm a ragged vein
Let me eat your pain
Your nasty girlfriend
Missed too much trucks
Drink for this again
Cats are gone with flames
Candy Girl
Infected Vein...
I'm a Candy Girl
Let me feel the pain
Your infected vein
Can be hard again
Let me stay on flame
Waiting for decay
Candy Girl...

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ABOUT BRIGITTE ROUSSEL: BR, aka Brigitte Roussel (real name Jadwiga Tabaczynska) is an experimental painter and outsider musician born in Poznan (Poland) in 1988. In 2008 she moved to Italy where she focused on music, performing in the weird-noise band Nac/Hut Report and in many other solo project and collaborations, and on developing a personal approach to the visual art inspired by art brut, dada and expressionism. Her works are characterized by self-elaborated canvas built from different materials (cloth, organic materials, metals, silicon, glues, etc.) on which she propose deformed females bodies and newspapers photos in relation to the distorted media culture. During the years she collaborated with many international musicians and other electronic artists releases music on many labels and took part to personal and collective exhibitions.—She lives and works in Italy.  more

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