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MIRON ZOWNIR: Phantomanie
Film | HD | Farbe | 83 min | Divine Appointments Production | Berlin 2009 | Trailer 2:32 min

PLOT: Larry is a misfit stranding in Berlin, the pilgrimcapital of the lost and haunted. Whatever he does goes wrong. Yet he still can't help acting like a smartass in order to make him feel self-important about his desolate life. But Larry's life is on downward spiral. Pressurised by his girlfrind Lilly, who drives him crazy with her obsession about having a baby, thretened by kokser, a man to whom he owns money, and trying to dodge an omnius preacher called Klaus, who takes the words of bible as literal truth, Larry seeks help from Bruno, a homeless drifter, crossing the border between dreams and reality.

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ABOUT MIRON ZOWNIR: Born 1953 in Karlsruhe/Germany, moved to Berlin in 1974 and then went to USA in 1980, where he spent 15 years in New York, Los Angeles and Pittsburgh as a freelance photographer, scriptwriter and filmmaker directing more than ten short films. During his time in America he collaborated among others with Alexandre Rockwell "In the soup, 4 Rooms", Ryu Murakami "Tokyo Decadence, Almost transparent Blue". He returned to Berlin in 1995 after a 3 month stay in Moscow and St. Petersburg documenting the rapid and brutal decline of the former Soviet Union. His recent publication is his first novel "Kein schlichter Abgang — Not an easy way out". Lives in Berlin. more

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